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Baby hats here, baby hats there, baby hats everywhere


Now that you’ve seen all the socks I’ve been busy with this past year, you probably are wondering what I do with my leftover sock yarn. Well, I use it for newborn baby hats. 

This is my favorite pattern. You can show off some crazy yarns plus have fun with the top knot. The best part for the baby is that there are no seams or attached pieces to pull off with miniature hands.

The photo on the right shows what the I-cord looks like before shaping the top knot. You can make a sort I-cord to form a single loop, or go crazy with three loops, or maybe even a tassle.

The photo below shows what it looks like using two different yarn colors. I do recommend staying with like type yarns but playing with color, a lot.

These nifty hats have gone to Pittsburgh, PA; Duluth, MN; Minneapolis, MN; Gig Harbor, WA; Apex, NC.


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