Tracy family socks 2010

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Each year I knit socks for everyone in the family. This is sometimes quite a challenge since there are not many patterns for children’s socks. This year I did Mom and daughter’s socks using the same yarn. I used Hand Dyed Sock Yarn, ‘Denali’ in Teal. For Papa, I used Plymouth ‘Happy Feet DK’ in Camo. And for the young man who is growing like a weed and not likely to stop for some time now, I used Plymouth “Encore Sock’, DK weight color 7789. Papa and son’s pattern came from Knitting Socks by Ann Budd. There are great hints and tips in this book plus how to work with different weight yarns and how they affect the resulting size. I’ve used it for 3 years now. It is my Go To sock knitting book.
As a side note, the Denali yarn was beautiful to knit up, Happy Feet is a very sturdy yarn (excellent choice for men), and Encore Sock knit up soft and supple and quick.

1 thought on “Tracy family socks 2010”

  1. For some reason I couldn’t get to this post through my reader so only getting it now. Must. Change. Readers.

    As for the socks, they are wonderful. Everyone loves theirs. Each yr I think they couldn’t be better and then the next yr you top yourself. Seth still loves the charm of our Sunday Sock tradition. Eleanor doesn’t get that part but does think they look lovely peeking out from her cowboy boots.

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